Temple Run 2, Twice the Running!

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Wow… After my welcome post more than a year ago, I first wrote about Temple Run. Man, the memories just flood in! Now, I'll be talking about Temple Run 2.
Temple Run 2 still has the essence of Temple Run but with more challenging trails and defined achievement levels. You are still running away from the monsters guarding the idol but you will be going through a more 3D trail and more obstacles to avoid.

Kudos to Imangi Studios for creating a new level system, it actually helps to know that your achievements and runs are being placed on a more heirarchal sense. Since most of us are quite competitive, this would definitely bring on the A-game of some people. The graphics are definitely a huge improvement from before. You see a stream? It's definitely running… Also, a little hint.. you don't just RUN anymore… You will definitely need have some tools at your disposal.

I downloaded Temple Run 2 for the iPad and man… was it hard to play it on the iPad 4. The game gives you a little bit of a headache because your view is not overseeing the character but it actually goes with the character. No more acting god like the previous version. Temple Run 2 will have you going and moving with your character.

Temple Run 2 is currently available for free in the Apple Appstore. Sorry Android Fluffs! It's not yet available for the droid! For you Apple Fluffs, let us know what you think! If you haven't downloaded the game yet, try it! It's definitely a fun way to waste your time on!

Check out the gameplay trailer below!

So what do you think? Let us know on the comments below! Keep your heads stuffed!

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