Stuff Going Missing This 2013

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Greetings! Let me give you a guided tour of the Stuff Going Missing This 2013. From print to your most personal treasure, let's take a look at each on of the items, and slowly realize why they will be disappearing. A part of your childhood will be taken away, and a chance that even your future offspring will not even see the light of these objects anymore.

5. Printed Media

National Geographic - Adventure Magazine
Encyclopedia Brittanica

What do they have in common? They stopped printing. The advent of e-books and e-mags has contributed to this great loss. In the future, our children will not probably even know the feel of newspaper. Rae has been mourning for Encyclopedia Brittanica, kept muttering about the loss of the printed word to human society. I didn't care for it much, but certainly took a turn from me when even Newsweek decided to pull it out. It's definitely cheaper to only shell out digital editions, but I don't think it will appeal that much to the avid readers anymore. That feeling will be FOREVER GONE.

4. Netbooks

There was a SHORT period of time that netbooks ruled the market. People bought the netbooks when they felt that their laptops were too heavy for minute tasks (i.e. facebook-ing). They're definitely lighter and even cheaper than laptops! The problems started to rise though: resolution wasn't big enough, the hardware specs suck, and the keyboard was too small! True enough, when you carry it for a long time, it starts to be as heavy as your normal laptop.

Steve Jobs didn't even give netbooks a wink, and for a good reason. He knew his thing back then and he was about to revolutionize the product that killed it. Let me get this thing straight, No, I'm not telling you he invented it. Rather he REVOLUTIONIZED the idea. I knew that there was a Windows tablet but it never caught on like the iPad. Thus, the tablet era flourished. If you still go out with your netbook, some (rude) people might be even giving you funny looks and wonder why you're not using your tablet for the same purpose. (Seriously, this happens. And to people who do that, shame on you. This may be a dying trend but that still does not give you permission to give them looks!)

UPDATE: Asus and Acer will be ceasing their netbook production!

3. Symbian

Android and iOS gave Symbian a huge punch. Nokia took an operating loss of €954 million, with net sales of €10.0 billion (down 21% YoY) for Q4 2011. Yikes. First, we heard the news that Nokia plans to stop selling it's Symbian based phones in North America. It got us all wondering where they're going, even if it was a bit obvious already. We knew they refuse to lose out on Android, so they took on Windows mobile and starting shipping the Lumia. NOT HELPING.

Symbian couldn't keep up with the new OS, and Nokia can't even save it's life with their new Windows phones.

2. Alarm Clocks

Yes, those clocks that let you set a time and ring when it gets to it. The death of alarm clocks doesn't even attribute to the smartphone trend, but to the mobile phone trend. Ever since people purchased their mobile phones, they double it up as alarm clocks. It's even helpful because they turn off the alarm, check their messages and/or missed calls, and off they go to start their day.

I'm not saying EVERYBODY has abandoned the thought. I know quite a few who still keep their alarm clocks by their bedside, forever relying on it's sole purpose in life. To annoy the heck out of us when we try to sleep soundly on our comfortable beds. For sure, you know people like that too. BUT, have you tried telling them to buy a new alarm clock? Why.. They'll offer you excuses like, "Mine is still working!" If you keep prodding them.. well... They'll be looking down on the ground, fidgeting at their toes, trying not to look at you and say, "It's not practical anymore." INDEED, it isn't.

1. Secrets

We all knew this was bound to happen. Facebook raised eyebrows when it announced it's "revamped" privacy settings. Fear went off the chart as incredibly private photobucket pictures got hacked, and was strewn all over reddit for everyone to see. Heck, even Mark Zuckerberg's sister fell victim to the spread of secrecy. Let's not even forget Instagram rolling out the new policy of selling your photos for the sake of advertisement. Wrong Move, Instagram. As a user, the LESSON in all of this is to think twice before you upload your secret to the Internet. It's a scary place out there. I, for sure, am glad that Facebook didn't exist in my stupid times.

These are just 5, there are still more but then it'll be a waste of time to compile a longer list of has-beens. I am expecting these 5 to be most possibly to be eradicated from the face of the Earth by year-end. It will certainly come as a shock for me, if some of them will survive. So, what do you think will be gone by 2013 end?

Keep your heads stuffed!

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