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Heavy gamers like me and Nathan are really on hunt for something new to play and somehow we missed the brilliance of great strategic turned based games such as Final Fantasy and Dragon Age. Good thing a french game company named Ankama just released Wakfu for Asia which was already running on good grounds in Europe in just this year, so we gamers can all enjoy the goodness of an awesome Turn-based MMORPG.

Wakfu is a Free-to-play MMORPG that followed it’s older sibling game Dofus which are both upbeat colourful, artistic and have a very interesting gameplay. Because of it’s good backstory and character art, it even had it’s own animated series funded by our very good friends at Kickstarter. The game primarily runs on Java so it does support the three major Operating Systems namely Windows, Max OSX and Linux.

Dofus PreviewWakfu Preview

This video came from their official game site.

Game Story
The story of the game revolves 1,000 years after the Dofus Era. Their world was ruined by Ogrest’s Chaos -- a powerful monster made of pure energy called Wakfu and was created by the alchemist Otomai. The monster Ogrest fell in love with a doll created by the tribe Sadida. It created chaos just to seduce the doll and troubled the gods. The gods waged an intense battle against the monster and drove it away to the highest peak of the world and making it drown to it’s sorrows. It began to cry shedding tears and started the flood. The flood divided the world and thus created nations and clans. Members of the clans should harness the power of Wakfu to defeat the monster, restore balance to the ecosystem and bring peace back to the World.

Like any turn-based RPG, Wakfu simply makes use of tiles to settle the characters’ positions. The game is just easy to understand and the User Interface is very simple to my liking. Winning battles in the game on the other hand will be a very great challenge as you progress throughout the game since you need to master and understand enemy Element weaknesses and behavioural patterns. For you to become stronger, you don’t just need good weapons and equipments but you also need to improve your magical skills and most of all your positioning strategies. Socializing and partying with other characters in the game will also be essential for you to pass through quests and dungeons. So the game won’t be boring since lot of things are involved. I ran into the Tutorial mode of the game and you can see how easy it is to start on the video below.

Characters to Choose From
There are 15 Character Classes to choose from in the game and each of them have special attributes and abilities. You can become a warrior, politician, merchant, or craftsman, etc. but whatever you choose will certainly be interesting.

Wakfu Character Classes

We won’t give a verdict on this game because we want you guys to decide for yourselves. But still the game looks pretty exciting, isn’t it? We are excited to meed you inside the games Fluffies. Feel free to give your comments and ask questions below.

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