Holiday Money Manager for Windows Phones!

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Prepare your wallets, Fluffies. The sales are about to pour in left and right, guard your wallet, your bank account, and your liabilities. You need to survive this year because you have an after-season sale to go to when January comes in. And you know that this is serious business when I tell you that this will be a 3-part series.. First stop, for the Windows phone 8 users.

Toshl Finance

Toshl was pretty well-known and well acquainted with Nokia long before the age of the Windows smartphone. Back in the good 'ol Symbian days, Toshl was already a household name for Symbian users. It's not a surprise to have Toshl Finance in my life and in my phone.

Everything is straightforward. But if you really think that you can't make the first few steps alone, well you are ever so in luck. You've got helpful guide characters that stay up until your first few entries. If that is not enough, I don't know how to help you anymore. For the curious and resourceful ones, just add your incomes and expenses and off you go! Another perk for Toshl Finance users: the ability to sync with! Thus, enabling you to check your finances as you go where your phone isn't available!

The colors, fonts, and phrases used for the app were just perfect. For the Fluffies with troubled eyesight, you have nothing to fear. The position of the graphics was spot on and didn't bother with the word placement.


Toshl Finance is available for free at the Windows Phone app store. You can also upgrade to the Toshl Finance pro for a small fee of USD $0.99.


Haha. I know what you mean, it's quite obvious isn't it? No, not so much. Why? Because there's a similar app called, "iMoney." Whole other look and whole other developer. Remember, all caps for this app I'm talking about. Now, enough about that. iMoney is your. Colorwise, Toshl Finance is more on the lighter shades and iMONEY by Aladdin Studio is on the dark side. iMONEY is a basic app to simply manage your finances. That's what they claim. In addition to that, you also get graphical representations. The default presentation of your income versus expense would be in the form of a bar chart, give your phone a little shake. Boom, and it changes to a pie chart. If Toshl syncs with, iMONEY syncs with your Skydrive.

The one thing I don't like about iMONEY is the use of the color red to represent your options. Red simply hurts, especially to people with sensitive eyes. If you're a bit OC about the option placements, you are not alone. I found it quite distracting as well. There are also some bugs that need a fix but are bearable and easy to ignore. For example: after adding your expense/income, you press the back button to return to the app but you are instead redirected to the "add income/expense" with the fields filled out. A tad too literal for my taste, but can I ignore it? Yeah.


iMONEY is available for free at the Windows Phone app store.

Welcome to the grownup world kids, as if I need to welcome you. Remembering when to pay your bills is as important as making sure you have enough money for it. Sure iMONEY has that feature as well, but I'd like to introduce more options for you!

Bill Reminder

Bill Reminder Free by Kevin Schaefer is simply what it is, a bill reminder. Bill Reminder was written with the intent to eliminate re-entry of financial information or for email reminders for bills due. It also has a calendar page. A bill reminder app would seem useless without a calendar page right? You don't even need financial accounts or address, it's up to you. It's all so simple, red for past due, yellow for due today, and green for not due yet. Again, you need help if you can't grasp that simple logic.

Instructions? Sigh.

1. Enter bill name.
2. Enter frequency.
3. Enter next occurrence date.

Once the bill has been marked as paid, the app itself will then update the next occurrence date, the color code and the list. Yes, you can sort all your reminders to lists. You can even back up and sync to Skydrive as well.


Bill Reminder Free is available for free at the Windows Phone app store. You can also upgrade to to Bill Reminder for USD $1.99. (Basically the constant struggle of choosing ad-free and ad-supported versions.)

Bill Forecasting

Bill Forecasting by Cellinova is (so far) my ultimate favorite. As with it's predecessors, it's a straight forward app for your income, expense and bill trackings! For a free budgeting/bill reminder app, it has a lot of features. In addition to a calendar page, you also have a forecasting that tells you exactly when you'll run out of money. And to add a few notches up the bar, Bill Forecasting supports multiple payment transactions for a single bill and supports recurring income (a call-out to young professional Fluffies).

The look and feel of the app are some of the factors that the user stays.. For Bill Forecasting, I can see extra details (on the words, I mean) but it doesn't overwhelm me. The colors are simple but enough to stand out and let me know that there are things that I need to check out. The graphics are small but enough to add a bit on the overall aesthetics of the app.


Bill Forecasting is available for free at the Windows Phone app store.

Let us know if you're using other budgeting and reminder apps! I just picked out the ones that got our attention and that we personally use! We will be rolling out our iOS and Android versions too.

Keep your heads stuffed!

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