Top 5 Windows Phone 8 To Do Apps!

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Most men don't carry little notebooks to write their stuff. Unlike Rae who has a stack of notebooks to choose from, I prefer to have everything on my phone, my one-stop organizer. To all of you Windows Phone 8 newbies, I'd like to share with you my top 5 favorite To-do apps. Now before you scream all about gender discrimination... This also applies to women too! (For the no-nonsense, non-notebook bringing, and smartphone depended women!)

5. My Things Pro

A task management app, that looks like from your notebook. (Absolutely distasteful in my standards, it looks like a little kid's scrawling pad.)

Bottom of my list. The deal breaker for this (might have been useful app) was because My Things Pro was made for Windows Phone 7. They have never released an update for your Windows Phone 8.. The reminders cannot be be customized and there is no way to get an app to repeat bi-weekly (some find this essential, believe me). From the comments, everybody seems to be quite mad at the development team. My Things Pro, well not Pro because everything about the details is misleading.

4. Note Plus Free

There's a feature that if you shake left or right, the background and note style changes. It's too flashy for me, Rae enjoyed trying it out though. The one thing I like about this, password protection. It's not rocket science or anything that could get NSA to crack at it. It's simple and will keep prying eyes away. So how do you prioritize? You don't? It's chronological and you can only categorize it.. (no sub-categories either..) However, you can share the note via SMS or email. This is good for Fluffs who love to remind other people on what they need to do.

Why is this 4th on my list? It's a to-do app that just focuses on beauty and personality. It's not the special and the features are pretty much standard. If they did something more maybe this would have gone on to be my 2nd! It doesn't hurt to try though, it's free and pretty!

3. Top Task List

If it was so good? Why is third on my list? That's the point, it was too good that it got too complicated. My 4th was lacking, this one was overflowing. Without the beauty factor, the way you categorize is by folders (many of which you can make your own, unlike Note Plus with only up to 3 user-defined categories).

This is where it gets a bit messy! You add the colors, you see how many days it has been in blatant red...the sorting.. It's all going to blow over soon. Trust me. This app is made for seasoned professionals, and by season professionals. yes. Those Fluffs that are actually used to having meticulously designed down to the core schedules. If you want to practice for perfection, give it a go at the Windows Phone Store!

2. Power Project

As the name obviously implies, it's project based and focuses on the sub-tasks on hand. It's minimalistic, and shows you what you need to do for that certain project. You swipe right to see overdue tasks and you swipe some more to see your remaining tasks. You can even revisit your completed tasks! So you're saying you don't need to? Listen here well, if you're a project manager..Something blows up at the end.. You will trace back who did it and what they did. You revisit the completed task list so you can check on what went wrong and if it was truly a wrong on your side!

Ultimately, filtering is by project. (As if you don't know that already.) The project filtering does not just come as categorization. You can add details and the ultimate deadline for the whole project itself. The free version only allows you to manage up to 3 projects. (In my book, that's enough. I can't multitask only up to that much).

1. Daily Tasks

At the end of the day, you will not be needing an app with a whole bunch of categories. You just want to know if you did what you were supposed to do. This is why Daily Tasks, tops the list. You will only think about three things: Tasks, Notes and Goals. Simple as that. You got some tasks that are more important? Put them on top of the list!

Daily Tasks is good for people who are starting out on the to-do list lifestyle. You start small, you start with your day-to-day basis. You don't have to go for a long run like the Power Project or the Top Task List..Start small. You'll get there eventually. If you're a Fluff that's looking into this.. then #1 is the best app for you. The fact that this is concise and straight to the point, makes it all the more appealing.

Okay! I'm done! You might not agree with me on my listing but that's just me! It doesn't matter if which one works for you or not, I can only hope that this post gave you a piece of my mind and few more to-do apps to choose from! From the list above, or not.. What is your favorite to-do app on your Windows Phone 8? Hit us up below.

Keep your heads stuffed!

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