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Students sure got it good these days.

Presenting Wolfram Alpha, a computational knowledge engine! It is a web-resource that presents structured data for anyone who wants to know about any type of topic.
Their brand motto? "Bringing broad, deep, expert-level knowledge to everyone...anytime, anywhere."

Wolfram Alpha comes in 2 versions, Ad-supported and Pro-version.

The main features that only the Pro-version can offer are the following:

1. Any type of input can be used
The Free version only allows text input, whilst the Wolfram Alpha Pro goes beyond that. Spreadsheets, word documents, and even images can be used as input
You even get an extended keyboard with additional Greek symbols for different calculations.

2. Interactive Data
Wolfram Alpha Pro allows you to manipulate the graphs, and gives you more options like zoomability, 3D rotation, animation and interactivity.

3. Extra Computation Time
In exchange for your money, Wolfram Alpha Pro would dedicate more servers for you and your computational needs. No need to experience the computation timeout screen when you get the PRO. (Well, what did you think anyway? The people behind it had to do something to make you NEED the Pro Version!)

4. And so much more!!!
You can save preferences, have a history of computational queries, customization of colors (for the ladies), download preferences and many more!

The pro-version is available for $4.99/month with a free 14-day trial. Students are luckier, introductory price of only $2.99/month!

Upside of this? Time-saving!

The user interface is simple and very straightforward. You just have to input the things you need and voila! The results are there with solutions, computations, and even graphs!
It's in the web, so you just visit the website at anytime and anywhere, and it will meet your computational needs.

Downside? Time-saving!

There is no sense at all for giving out homework to students who can just input the question and get the answer as simple as that. The essence of learning is taken away from us.
We cannot learn anything in an instant. Heck, we cannot even learn something after it has been repeated once or twice. It requires practice. And this applies to all aspects in life, not just mastering a certain musical instrument.

I remember studying for my college Calculus and Statistics exams; I had to go through the solutions and graphs multiple times just so I could get the hang of it.

All in all, it's a very good A-I-D to educators and students alike. Mind the emphasis here.
No computational knowledge engine could ever substitute the learning process that we all go through to learn a certain topic. I urge the teachers to know this website more and its capabilities. By using this to aid your teaching, you can get faster and more accurate results for your lessons to students. (And you would know if your student just basically did a CTRL + C and CTRL + V on his/her assignment.)

Students, put this web resource to it's proper use and you won't regret spending for it. Don't depend on this web resource too much. Instead, use it as one of your helping hands in your everyday studies!

Wolfram Alpha is not just accessible via your workstation. Remember the last part of their motto? "Anytime.. anywhere". Yep, you guessed it right! They have Android and iOS versions for people on the go! Pop this into your mobile devices and you got this computation knowledge engine in your pocket!

They also have extensive add-on apps for additional computational knowledge on key specific areas.

Wolfram Alpha - Computational Knowledge Engine