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Windows Phone App Studio

We at the Fluffy Headquarters are really love the WP8(Windows Phone 8) because of it’s speed and elegance. It’s almost been 2 years now since the release of this mobile platform but still Microsoft’s mobile market still has a long way to go for it to compete head-on with the Apple AppStore and Google Play. We may think that WP8’s standing is bound to be third rate but Microsoft’s answer to that is different. Up until recently, Microsoft has been busy spreading the word about their new Mobile App Creation Utility that targets personal and small businesses and branded it as the Windows Phone App Studio which is now on it’s open beta phase.

The App Studio is a web app that lets you create WP8 apps without even having any knowledge on programming at all. The entire idea for the Windows Phone App Studio can be summarised into these 4 steps which are...

1. Choose from a set of templates.
2. Add content which for now is limited to RSS Feeds, Basic HTML, Youtube Videos, Images with Flickr and CSV(Comma-separated values) which serves as your data source.
3. Style your app with predefined themes or with your own custom styles.
4. Publish your mobile app and use it right away.

The video below from the App Studio Homepage makes you feel more at ease knowing that even your mom can do it.

The entire UI(User Interface) for this utility is so simple that you can even create your own mobile app in less than half an hour(depending on the complexity of your app). And if you even want to create on now you can just create a Microsoft Account if ever you still don’t have one and then jump into their site and hit the Start new project button.

Start New Project

Once inside the App Studio everything will now come easy and you’re on your own~ :D The only thing you will worry about is the Logo of your mobile app which is a bit tedious to set up. And if you guys really want an in-depth guide on how to use the App Studio then you can ask Nerdy Nathan to do it by commenting below.

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