BBB App-ocalypse and Judge Dredd VS Zombies

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Zombie Killing Machines.

Hey there Windows Phone 8 loving Fluffies, let me give you some more love by featuring two cool Zombie Killing Games. Tower Defense and Shooting games are two of my favorite game types and not to mention good graphics. I will deliver unto your hands, my choice of weapons again zombie warfare on my Nokia Lumia 820!

Bye Bye Brain App-ocalypse (BBB App-ocalypse)

BBB App-ocalypse by Weekend Game Studios is a 3D tower defense game that gives you multiple options on how to kill the zombies. Instead of towers, you get humans to do it for you. (Yes, it's weird because the zombies don't eat your human wall, but still go through them to get to your door. Obviously, you should be able to figure out that as you earn money per horde survived, you are able to purchase upgrades for your lil soldiers. You can also purchase additional weapons for YOU to use against the litter of zombies that you carelessly gave an opening.

Take a look at their promo trailer below:

That song on the background? That's the song playing on the welcome screen! A graphic novel look and feel for those zombie comicbook fanboys and the title screen is even 3D (try tilting your phone).

BBB App-ocalypse is available for free at the Windows Phone App Store.

Judge Dredd vs Zombies

If you knew Judge Dredd from the movies, then no, he is not fighting against thugs here. He's fighting zombies, thus Judge Dredd versus Zombies (DUH!) by Rebellion. It's simple, choose a grid, choose a level and shoot them all off. If you manage to eradicate the zombies in a cost-cutting fashion then you are awarded 5 stars for the effort. Of course, like BBB App-ocalypse, you earn credits and upgrade your weapons and armor. It's harder to earn credits though, and the upgrades are more expensive compared to BBB. But hey, it's challenging!

Take a look at the gameplay trailer below (Although I don't understand why there's an iPad at the end, but essentially that's how it looks like):

Dredd versus Zombies is available for free at the Windows Phone App Store.

Ehem. Now, has anyone of you tried to play these games? If you have, let us know on the comments below! Remember to keep your heads stuffed!

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