Techie Tony

Techie Tony
The greatest tech critic you could ever have, Techie Tony always has something to say about it. The latest technology trends will be criticized and given the most honest opinion. He also loves consolidating lists of useful apps for your everyday needs.

Are you planning on buying a new gadget? Hit him up and he'll do an honest-to-goodness (or badness) comparison on your gadgets of choice. He won't hold back in his opinions because he prefers to tell the truth rather than sugar-coating the little flaws of each product.

Google Keyboard

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I'm not here to talk about gaming consoles though. Maybe soon where there's more info and games available. Let's talk about something mobile, something to finally give Swype a run for more about Google Keyboard

Inhon Carbon Up!!!

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We discovered something cool, light and tempting today. We're all fond of something new, or something special.. It's always cool to point out companies who are going all-out for a line of more about Inhon Carbon Up!!!

Linux Gaming

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The physical world wasn't kind to me and there was a bunch of deadlines to meet! The tiredness is still there, but this piece of news definitely made my day. Fluffies, wait 'till you hear more about Linux Gaming