Techie Tony

Techie Tony
The greatest tech critic you could ever have, Techie Tony always has something to say about it. The latest technology trends will be criticized and given the most honest opinion. He also loves consolidating lists of useful apps for your everyday needs.

Are you planning on buying a new gadget? Hit him up and he'll do an honest-to-goodness (or badness) comparison on your gadgets of choice. He won't hold back in his opinions because he prefers to tell the truth rather than sugar-coating the little flaws of each product.

Temple Run Oz

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Imangi Studios in partnership with Disney mobile has released another Disney-themed Temple Run game! Now is it enough to capture our hearts? Read on Fluffies, read more about Temple Run Oz

We Made a New Face!

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Two new faces, and it's not what you think.. We're talking about the iMadeFace app by Keyloft LLC and something you've already notice while reading this. What's in store for the future of more about We Made a New Face!

Bring on the Music

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Since the dawn of time, people have always been linked to music. Every beat and every bang of the of an object has been made into a rhythm. Every sound became a symphony to our ears. We more about Bring on the Music

Twists and Turns

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I go for visual guessing. I like the challenge of looking straight into the picture and just unscrambling it to it's original piece. And I have two games that will take up your time for more about Twists and Turns