Techie Tony

Techie Tony
The greatest tech critic you could ever have, Techie Tony always has something to say about it. The latest technology trends will be criticized and given the most honest opinion. He also loves consolidating lists of useful apps for your everyday needs.

Are you planning on buying a new gadget? Hit him up and he'll do an honest-to-goodness (or badness) comparison on your gadgets of choice. He won't hold back in his opinions because he prefers to tell the truth rather than sugar-coating the little flaws of each product.

Android 4.1.2 for S2

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Unofficial release! A Jellybean ROM for Samsung Galaxy S2 has been found! We took out Rae's Samsung Galaxy S2 and flashed it up! It's remarkably amazing and I think I am really in her phone more about Android 4.1.2 for S2

Spot the Station

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NASA has introduced us the Spot the Station service where you receive an email alert or a SMS alert few hours before the ISS passes by over your location. ISS is short for the International more about Spot the Station

Evernote 5 for Mac

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Evernote has always been an indespensable tool here at the Fluffyheads Headquarters, and we've been using it to share notebooks or even keep personal notes. We all like the personal touch, more about Evernote 5 for Mac

Tap the Surface!

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Microsoft has finally released the details of their Microsoft Surface and boy, are they good. In other news, Sony has joined the marketing campaign Samsung did for the Galaxy Note. Is it a more about Tap the Surface!